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Accept payments from multiple Woocommerce stores in one place.

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Multiple Payments.
One Place.

Now you can accept payments from multiple Woocommerce stores in one place, saving time and money where it counts.

One merchant account for your businesses

Consolidate all Woocommerce stores into one place. Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple stores with one management system.

Plug and Play

Download, install and be up and running in less than 10 minutes without interrupting your 3rd party Woocommerce plugins.

Accept the same payment options.

Whether you accept PayPal, Credit Cards, or Bitcoin, WP Remote Services will integrate seamlessly into your current payment processors.

Just $99/ month per site. $7499/year for unlimited sites.

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Respect your customer's privacy

Whether you sell socks or personal items, your customers can trust that their purchases are private. With WP Remote Services, you can now route all your customers purchases through an intermediate store to process their transaction. This gives your customers peace of mind when buying those private items!

Simple Interface

With our interface you can be specific or as vague as to what you want your customers to see on product line items, store name, and website URL. We have a helpful video that can help with the jump start on how to modify all of these options

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Accept payments from multiple payment processors

You can have any type of payment system that is supported on a WooCommerce: PayPal, NMI, USAePay, Crypto Currency, and much more! We do not take over your current processor, merchant accounts, or payment gateway. We simply link all your websites to one website that will allow you to control all the data that is shown to your customer so they don't get confused on what they are ordering. This will also increase your monthly sales from just one website to multiply which will allow you to get better rates on transactions, saving money!

Just $99/month per site. $7499/year for unlimited sites.

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